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Logging in to myBCIT

myBCIT is BCIT’s portal to important information and communication for BCIT students, faculty, and staff. myBCIT provides access to online self service and is the primary communication platform for BCIT students.

To login to myBCIT, in any browser:

  1. Go to You will be redirected to the standard BCIT login page (
  2. Login with your usual BCIT credentials; Usual login credentials for differ between Students, and Faculty and Staff 
  3. You will be redirected back to myBCIT and will be able to access the tools and services it contains.

Logging in for the very first time

If you have never logged in to myBCIT before (or if IT Services resets your password for you), you will need to use your default password. You will then be prompted to change your password the first time you access any of the online services. As your myBCIT account gives access to personal information, if you are not prompted to change your password, you should do so anyway for security purposes, by clicking the Change Password link once you are logged in.

Primary default password

myBCIT automatically generates a default password for you when your BCIT account is created. The primary default password is your date of birth – year, month, and day – in the format YYMMDD.

  • For example, if you were born on March 20, 1985, your default password would be 850320.

Secondary default password

If your date of birth is not in the system, myBCIT will instead generate a secondary default password: the last 6 numbers of your BCIT ID. Your BCIT ID is a unique 9-digit identifier that starts with an uppercase “A“, for example, if your BCIT ID was A01234567, your secondary default password would be 234567.

Creating your own password

Protect yourself and your personal information – create your own password the first time you log in. Don’t continue using the default password.

Keep in mind that your new password:

  • must be between 8 and 20 characters
  • must contain at least one upper case letter (A to Z), at least one lower case letter (a to z) and at least one number (0 – 9)
  • the only accepted special characters are: $ ! # _ + = : . ~ ^ ( ) { } [ ]
  • cannot be your date of birth.
  • cannot be a previously used password.

Security question

If you forget your password, you can click on the Forgot your password link on the login page to reset it. This link will bring you to a page which has two options available to reset it yourself.

  • If you have set up a Security Question and Answer, you can select this option to bring you directly to the Reset Password page.
  • If you do not have a Security Question, but have provided a secondary email address, then you can select this option to have the link to the Reset Password page sent to your secondary email address.

More information about BCIT accounts and access