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Installing and connecting to myVPN

VPN is an acronym for ‘Virtual Private Network’. A VPN is a means of extending a private network (BCIT’s on campus network) across a public network (the internet, using various internet service providers) to the user’s local private network (ie: A network at home, coffee shop or anywhere with free wifi). Using a VPN allows for authentication and better security of computers accessing resources on the private network.

BCIT uses VPN software provided by Aruba (HPE) called Virtual Internet Access or VIA, which we referred to as myVPN.

myVPN should be the first choice for students, staff, and faculty to connect to BCIT’s secure network (when not they are not physically located at one BCIT’s campuses) to access common resources like printers, shared network drives, and business applications including Banner and Cognos. Please note, the network experience provided by myVPN will vary depending on the internet package of each user.

This article will provide a list of general instructions on how to install and connect myVPN. Due to the wide variety of Operating systems types and versions we cannot cover all operating systems in depth and this is not an exhaustive list. We will cover the major North American software versions of Windows 10/11, MacOS, Android, and iOS. Version numbers of VIA (myVPN) may differ but the installation and connection methods are the same unless otherwise noted.

Personal devices and third party antivirus software

Personal devices

Please note, IT Services does not offer support for personal devices. Any software (BCIT related or otherwise) installed on a personal device are the sole responsibility of the user.

Third party antivirus software

Some third party antivirus software (ie: McAfee, etc) unintentionally block myVPN traffic from properly reaching BCIT and can cause connectivity issues when attempting to connect via myVPN.

If you encounter a connectivity issue when using myVPN on a personal device that has a third party antivirus software installed, please ‘whitelist’, allow myVPN (HPE Virtual Intranet Access – VIA) connections in the antivirus software, or in some extreme cases disable the antivirus software. For instructions on how to whitelist, allow myVPN connections or disable the software please refer to antivirus software providers website.