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Accessing Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service can be accessed through myBCIT and provides secure access to view and update your personal information, including:

  • Pay information
  • Benefits and deductions
  • Tax forms
  • Time tabling software
  • Contract approvals
  • Employee correspondence
  • Employee Personal Information (including address and phone number)
  • FLEX Grade approval
  • Course Outline Approvals
  • Admissions/Student Records – view and upload student documents

To access Online Self Service, in your browser:

  1. Go to and when prompted, login with your usual BCIT credentials (your primary BCIT email address and password).
    • Note: If this is your first time logging in to a BCIT system, your password will be your birthdate in the form YYMMDD. You will then be prompted to change your password. Your new password:
      • must be between 6 and 20 characters
      • is case sensitive
      • must contain at least one number, one lowercase letter, and one uppercase letter
      • can contain the following special characters: $ ! # _ + = : . ~ ^ ( ) { } [ ]

      Additionally, you will be asked to provide a security question and answer for future password retrieval.

  2. Click on the Employee Self Service link under the Online Self Service heading.
    Screenshot myBCIT home page Online Self Service
  3. Click any of the links to access the described service or information. Where necessary, step-by-step instructions are provided within the tool.