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Logging into BCIT Reporting (Cognos)

Cognos, BCIT’s Institute reporting tool, is used for generating a diverse range of reports and analytics based on BCIT data. Presently, two versions of Cognos are in use at BCIT – Cognos 7 and Cognos 11.

Note: The majority of reports have been transitioned to Cognos 11, and plans are underway to decommission Cognos 7 soon.


Remote access

In order to access Cognos, you’ll either need to be on a BCIT campus or connected to the BCIT networks via VPN (AccessAnywhere or myVPN).

Logging into Cognos

There are slightly different processes for logging into Cognos 11 and Cognos 7.

More information

If you still require assistance, please contact the Service Desk at 604-412-7444 (option 1).