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Forwarding your myBCIT email


myBCIT email addresses are used primarily to communicate with students. Use this procedure if you do not use your myBCIT email.

Note: Emails larger than 10 MB or have more than 5 attachments will not be forwarded.

If you don’t check your myBCIT email regularly or if you prefer to use another email address, you can set your myBCIT mailbox to forward all email to another address by following these steps.

Forwarding your myBCIT email

  1. Log in to myBCIT
  2. Click on My Mail at the top-right corner.Screenshot of My Mail link in myBCIT
  3. In your myBCIT email, click on Settings at the top-right corner.Screenshot of Setting button in myBCIT
  4. Under the Settings section, click on Filters.Screenshot of Filters link in myBCIT email settings
  5. Under the Filters section, click on the + to add a filter.Screenshot of + sign under Filters section in myBCIT email
  6. In the “Filter Name” box, give a name to your filter (example: Forwarding).
  7. Select ‘all messages’.
  8. Under “…execute the following actions”, click on the drop-down menu and select ‘Send message copy to’. In the text-input field to the right, enter the destination email address where you want incoming emails to be forwarded.
  9. Click Save.Screenshot of Filter definition entries to forward myBCIT emails

A pop-up message will temporarily appear stating “Filter saved successfully”.

From this point on, all email sent to your myBCIT email account will automatically be forwarded to the email address you specified.

Disabling email forwarding

Screenshot of Filter disabled button on myBCIT email Filter definition

In the Filter definition area, move the button to the right on the Filter disabled button.