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Updating myVPN Login Credentials

If your BCIT login or password changes, your myVPN client will automatically prompt you for new credentials. If this does not happen or if you wish to update your credentials manually, follow the steps below.

Login change, July 5, 2021

BCIT is changing the way you login to BCIT systems. This change will enable BCIT to access new cloud-based software in the future.

You can already use your new login for myVPN (your primary BCIT email address and your current password), so we recommend updating it now.

Logging in to BCIT Tools and Systems
  1. Double-click the myVPN client, labeled “Virtual Intranet Access” on your desktop.
    myVPN desktop icon, a yellow v in a white circle
  2. If you have an active connection, first disconnect by clicking on the BCIT logo then wait until the label says ‘VPN DISCONNECTED’
  3. Click on the Settings icon (which resembles a cog) on the top-right corner of the client window.
    myVPN window, with the BCIT logo in a grey circle in the middle
  4. Select VPN Profile.
  5. Click the Clear Profiles button to view a list of VPN servers.
  6. Select UserController1 from the list of VPN servers and click on the minus button to delete the chosen profile.
    VPN server window showing usercontroller1 in the list
  7. Repeat for all remaining UserControllerX profiles until the list is empty.
  8. Click on the red Cancel button to return to the main screen.
  9. Click on the main button Click to download VPN profile.
    myVPN window with click to download vpn profile in the grey circle in the centre
  10. Enter ‘’ in the Download VPN Profile window and click Download.
    download vpn profile window with in the text field
  11. Enter your primary BCIT email address and password and click Proceed.
  12. Click on the VPN Disconnected button to connect to VPN using your new credentials.

Your credentials have now been updated and myVPN should work as usual.