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Setting up Multi Factor Authentication with Duo on Your Mobile Device or MFA Hardware Token

Once multi-factor authentication has been implemented for all faculty, staff, and contractors, it will be a required part of logging in to the most frequently used BCIT apps and services. Before you can use multi-factor authentication, you’ll either need to enrol a mobile device (either your BCIT device if you have one or your own personal device) or request a hardware token (fob key).

If you’re using a mobile device, you’ll need to first install the Duo Mobile app on your device. Once it’s installed, you’ll be able to enroll your device.

Setting up your mobile device for MFA

Requesting a hardware token (fob key)

If, for whatever reason, you’d prefer not to use your personal device and don’t have a BCIT-issued mobile device to use, you can request a hardware token. Simply fill in this request form as soon as possible.

Once the hardware token has arrived and been keyed to your account, you’ll be informed by email when and where to pick it up. For those on campuses other than the main Burnaby campus, your hardware token will be available for pickup at your regular campus (you won’t have to go to Burnaby to pick it up). When MFA starts to be enforced on September 28, 2022, you’ll be able to start using your hardware token right away to confirm your logins.

Note: We strongly encourage you to put in your request as soon as possible. Although we hope to have sufficient hardware tokens on hand to meet expected demand, if you leave your request to the last minute and if demand is higher than expected, there may be a delay in getting your hardware token to you or one may not be available for September 28. In that case, you will be provided with a temporary passcode that you can use to confirm your logins until your hardware token arrives and has been keyed to your account.