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Printing your Tuition Tax Receipt T2202 in myBCIT Online Self Service

To qualify for an education tax deduction, you will need to provide a copy of your T2202 Tuition Tax Receipt with your income tax return. The T2202 is issued to students enrolled during the calendar year (January – December) in a qualifying program at a post-secondary institution. Application fees are not an eligible deduction.

This article describes the steps to take for printing your Tuition Tax Receipt T2202.

In your browser:

  1. Go to and login with your usual BCIT credentials.
  2. Under the Online Self Service section click Tax Forms – T2202A
  3. On the webpage that opens click T2202 Tax Credit Form.
  4. Select Tax Year and view type.
    • If you select View Data and click Submit, the Tuition summary for the year you requested will be shown on the screen.
    • If you select Printable T2202 Form, click Submit and Continue, the T2202 will be shown and ready to be printed. You can print the receipt directly from your internet browser.

Note: After the first T2202 has been printed, all other copies will be marked Duplicate. We have confirmed that you can submit a copy marked “Duplicate” for your income tax purposes.

Additional information

Please visit Frequently asked questions about the T2202 for additional information on T2202 forms.