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Access and User Roles in Public Website WordPress

Trained Web Editors and Publishers in BCIT schools and departments use WordPress, BCIT’s content management systems, to create and maintain BCIT public web content like textual content and images and the BCIT Web Content tool in Sharespace to manage web documents, like PDFs (WordPress users have the same level and scope of access in the BCIT Web Content tool in Sharespace as they have in WordPress). Web Administrators in IT Services take care of design, standards, and more complex functionality like web applications and forms.

User Roles

In WordPress (and the BCIT Web Content document management tool), there are two main user roles: Editors and Publishers. The primary difference between the two is whether or not the user can immediately publish their content to the public website or whether it needs to be checked by another person.

WordPress Access and Training

Who is my Publisher??? (And which other users have access to a Section?)

This is a pretty frequent question and to address it, we’ve created a report in WordPress that Editors and Publishers who already have access to a Section can use to see the full list of users with that access.

To view this report, in WordPress:

  1. Ensure that the correct Section (the Section you’re curious about) is selected in the Section Selector at the top.
    section selector with About BCIT highlighted
  2. Hover over Reports in the WordPress menu and click on Current Section Users in the list that appears.
    Current Section Users report in the Reports list
The list of all users in About BCIT section (with names blurred out)

The report shows all users with access to the currently selected Section, their email address, and their role.

More information about using WordPress