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Downloading Solidworks for Student Home Use

Instructions for BCIT Student use of Solidworks Educational software. Available only to registered BCIT students.

Note: There is no Mac version of Solidworks. It can be run on a Mac if you run Windows using Boot Camp or Parallels.

  1. Go to the Solidworks Student Access Form page.
  2. Complete the information as specified in steps 3-7 below
  3. Click “I already have a Serial Number that starts with 9020” = NO
  4. Enter XSEK12 in the field. If no, please enter SDK-ID, SEK-ID, or Trial Code.
  5. For version, select the academic year (IE: 2022-2023).
  6. Enter your student email address
  7. Select “Student” from the dropdown
  8. Click on the [Request Download] button.
  9. You will need to review the license agreement details and scroll down to see the button. Click on [Accept Agreement & Continue] button to proceed to download.
  10. Click Download Win7/Win8.1/Win10 64-bit.
  11. Run the downloaded file when complete.
  12. Unzip the files to any location you want. You may want to delete these after the installation.
  13. Once you’ve unzipped the files the Solidworks Installation should begin. If not, run the setup.exe file you unzipped.
  14. Select an Individual Installation and copy and paste this serial number when prompted: 90200053407724508N7T449D

More information about software licensing