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Problem with Adobe – “You don’t have access to manage apps”


You have an Adobe Federated ID and have been assigned an Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription. However, you cannot complete install on personal devices, and receive a message that “you don’t have access to manage apps – permission from your IT administrator may be required to enable apps management”

Adobe error messageHow to fix the error

  1. Find C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\ServiceConfig.xml
  2. Copy this file to the desktop.
  3. Open the ServiceConfig.xml file with a text editor and change all four answers to TRUE.
  4. Copy the ServiceConfig.xml file from the desktop to the original location. You will be prompted to confirm.
    • Note: You will have to save a copy to the desktop, modify, and save back to that original location. You can’t change the file in its current folder.
  5. Restart your computer. Try to install again.

You should now have access to manage apps.