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Connecting to Wolf EMR Server Through AppsAnywhere

This guide provides instructions to connect and log into the Wolf EMR using the AppsAnywhere Desktop.

Please note that these instructions have changed in October 2023.

Due to network and hosting changes students are now required to access Wolf EMR from the Wolf EMR Secure Desktop. Students and instructors will no longer be able to connect from a personal Windows device, and this standardizes the access procedures for PC and Mac users.

From your machine:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for “Wolf EMR Secure Desktop” and click on its Visit Website button.
  3. Wolf EMR Secure Desktop should launch, and automatically start Search for Wolf EMR and launch it.
    Screenshot AppsAnywhere Wolf EMR Launch button
  4. Enter the credentials provided to you by your instructor. Example below is for format only (99 will not work):
    USERNAME: 99.Student
    PASSWORD: <password goes here>
    Screenshot AppsAnywhere Windows Security password entry
  5. If the login prompts you for a certificate challenge, click [Yes] and proceed.
    Screenshot AppsAnywhere Remote Desktop Connection Pop Up
  6. You now have access to the Wolf EMR environment for your class.
    Screenshot AppsAnywhere Wolf EMR Home Page