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Requesting Camtasia/Snagit/TechSmith Software Licenses (Faculty and Staff Only)

Snagit is a powerful screen capture tool that allows you to easily capture your full screen desktop, region, window, or scrolling screen as well as share screenshots and basic video captures of your computer screen

Camtasia complements the functionality of Snagit. It is a screen recording and editing software that allows you to record and create instructional video that includes recording of actions on a computer screen, presentation slides, graphics, and audio.

Important licensing change

BCIT’s previous site license for Camtasia and SnagIt expired on December 5, 2023.

The emergency pandemic funding that enabled our site license is no longer available, and our Techsmith licensing will be moving from a site license model to a pay-for-use model. BCIT’s product usage levels do not justify the cost of a site license for these products.

IT Services removed all previously deployed products in December 2023 and invalidated the old contract key to ensure that our installations did not exceed our remaining licensing.

Residual licensing, limited product versions

Our remaining licensing is limited to the residual quantities from our previous site license agreement. BCIT owns the following licenses in perpetuity, which are ‘version-locked’ and cannot be upgraded.

  • 65x Camtasia version 2023
  • 195x Snagit version 2024

Other TechSmith products such as Audiate were not included in our original site license and are therefore not included in any residual licensing. If you require other Techsmith licensing other than Camtasia and SnagIt, please request it individually through your department and BCIT Strategic Procurement.

New license request process

To get access to Camtasia and/or Snagit:

  • Fill out the form to request a license for Snagit/Camtasia/both
  • Ask for only the products you require via the form
  • You will be notified if licenses are available via email and provided with an installer and code

There will be no cost for these residual licenses but once they are depleted, additional licenses will only be available for purchase through your department and BCIT Purchasing and at a higher cost than previous site license pricing.

BCIT no longer have any agreement for licensing, only residual licenses (until they are gone).

Please contact the ITS Service Desk if you have any questions.

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