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Downloading Matlab for Student Home Use

BCIT holds a Total Student Headcount (TSH) license for Mathworks software and this allows students to install MathWorks software on their personally-owned computers.


To download and install the software:

1.  Create a MathWorks Account on the MathWorks website.
2.  Fill out the form as below using your myBCIT email address and select Create.

Create mathworks account window.

3.  Find the email from in your myBCIT email and select Verify your email.

Example of verify email from service at

4.  Fill out the form with your information and select Create.

Create profile form.

5.  Select the arrow to download.

Mathworks account select download.

6.  Select the version you would like to download.

Downloads window.

7.  Select your operating system to download the appropriate installer.
8.  Follow the instructions under Download and run the Installer to complete the installation.

Download r2019a and run installer window.

More information about software licensing