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Testing AppsAnywhere Software in BCIT Computer Labs Remotely

With the return to campus and in-person instruction and computer lab use in September 2021, we have transitioned to using AppsAnywhere to deliver software in those labs. To support this change, IT Services has set up a virtual environment through Workspace that enables faculty to use and test that the software they’ve requested. This environment is also available for students who have underpowered machines or students with Macs that need to access Windows-only software.

Reminder: Request needed software!

AppsAnywhere is the default software delivery platform for all academic software at BCIT, including for software that will be used in physical labs. Go to and check that the software you intend to use is there and the correct version. If not, request software for academic delivery as soon as possible to ensure it’s available for the first day of class.

More information about requesting software

Connecting to the AppsAnywhere Desktop and testing your requested software

In your browser:

  1. Go to and login.
  2. Click on Desktops at the top.
    blue desktops tile with a white drawing of a computer monitor and desktops in all caps
  3. Search for “AppsAnywhere”.
  4. Click on AppsAnywhere Desktop to launch it.
    AppsAnywhere Desktop tile in Workspace marked by a monitor-shaped icon
  5. After logging in to the desktop, Chrome will automatically launch and go to the AppsAnywhere dashboard to show all published apps that are ready for testing.
  6. Click your app’s tile to launch and test your software.
  7. Important: When you’re done testing, sign out of the virtual desktop:
    1. Click on the Windows icon at the bottom left.
    2. Click on your name next to the BCIT icon at the top of the list of default items.
    3. Click on Sign out.
      sign out windows menu option

We expect that almost all software will work on the lab machines, but its performance may be slightly less than when running directly only local hardware. If you encounter a problem or have a concern about what you’re seeing, submit a detailed report of it to