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About Adobe Software and Employee Access

Information for Sept 1, 2023 – Sept 30, 2023

All existing employee subscriptions have been extended until Sept 30. You do not need to renew any licensing. New employees without licensing can use the self-service portal to get licensing without delay.

BCIT has secured new licensing, and we must transition by Oct 1. To cut-over to the new licensing, IT Services will invalidate all licenses at midnight Sept 30 and provide new offerings in the self-service portal starting on Oct 1.

All employees (including those with new subscriptions issued in Sept 2023) will be required to claim an appropriate license on Oct 1. This timing ensures that Adobe license renewal will not have a significant impact on term-start activities.

There are new products, costs, and licensing outlined in the article below. Please review the article and make sure you select the appropriate product to renew.

The remainder of this article describes the changes that will be in effect on Oct 1, and is posted to assist with institute awareness of the upcoming change and to ease the license transition. If you have any questions, please email

License changes coming for October 2023 (rest of article)

BCIT’s updated agreement separates Adobe offerings into three licensed products:

  • Adobe Acrobat is site licensed (no cost) for Faculty and Staff.
  • Adobe Express is site licensed (no cost) for Faculty and Staff.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud is now limited (billed to department) and licensing will be regulated.
    Note: Access to Creative Cloud subscriptions now requires review and approval based on the use of the software at BCIT and will incur a cost to your department.

BCIT has extended all existing subscriptions to September 30, 2023. Existing subscribers will need to renew their subscription on October 1. New employees will be able to use the self-serve portal to obtain a subscription now, but will need to renew the subscription on October 1.

The extension and renewal is required to align all of our deployed products with our current license holdings.

Trial subscriptions

If you have a time-sensitive issue with a staff Adobe subscription, do not try to resolve it via a trial subscription. Instead, contact to reach BCIT’s Adobe experts and we will assist you.

BCIT recommends against the use of trial subscriptions in all situations. This is a private contract between you, your credit card and Adobe. BCIT is not involved and can not assist with remediating any issues you encounter with trial subscriptions.