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Change of email address will disrupt a BCIT Adobe subscription

If you have a subscription for Adobe Creative Cloud from BCIT, be aware that a change of email address will cause an Adobe subscription to stop working.

This is true whether it be a staff subscription provided by BCIT or one that you purchased through BCIT’s third party website.

Adobe uses information for username, email address, first name, last name and these properties are fixed when the account is created.

Example Problem

  1. Data provided to Adobe on account creation is “Wilma Slaghoople,,”
  2. Adobe will use the email address of to confirm your identity when logging in. Everything works.
  3. You change your name and official BCIT email address to “Wilma Flintstone,”
  4. Adobe still thinks your email address is, but BCIT’s data has changed to and you are unable to log in to Adobe applications.


  1. Contact the BCIT IT Service Desk at and let them know you have had a recent email address change and are unable to authenticate using Adobe products.
  2. An IT person will update your records for our Adobe access to match your updated email address and everything will work correctly again.

This fix will be in place until BCIT can automate account changes in BCIT systems with the Adobe user management system.