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Accessing Redshift Licensing for Maya

To better support flexible licensing use on BYOD devices, implementation of the Redshift licensing changed in December, 2022. Licenses have been moved to Maxon One Teams licensing, which allows for a floating pool of licenses instead of 1:1 allocation to devices.

This will allow students better access to Redshift licensing outside the classroom.

Setting up a student license

Note: Licensing is limited, so license access will not be granted to students outside key programs.

As a student enrolled in a program requiring Maya/Redshift, your program will register your account for you. Then, Maxon One will send an email to your email and you will need to complete registration for the licensing and set a password.

Recommended: Complete registration of your Maxon One account within the first week of class.

Using Maya

Having launched Maya however your normally would:

  1. Open a file and perform a render. The render will fail due to no available licensing, but will give a prompt to login to Maxon One.
  2. Sign in with the account you created to register with Maxon One.
  3. Start the render again. Now that you are logged in and licensed it will work.

More information about software and licensing at BCIT