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Accessing Virtual Machines in Educloud

Some courses may require students to use a custom virtual machine to complete their studies. These virtual machines are hosted and accessed in Educloud.

Logging into Educloud

To access Educloud:

  1. Click on the Educloud tile in AppsAnywhere or go directly to
    Screenshot VMware Cloud Director sign in
  3. When prompted, login with your usual BCIT credentials.

Launching your Virtual Machine

  1. Upon entering Educloud, you will be presented with the Virtual Machines page with tiles representing all virtual machines that you have access to.
  2. Locate the tile for the virtual machine assigned to you (typically assigned by an instructor).
    Screen capture of the Educloud Virtual Machines page with the virtual machine tiles visible
  3. Power On your virtual machine by clicking on the tile Actions menu and then clicking Power On.
    Screen capture of a virtual machine tile with the Actions menu and Power on option highlighted by red squares

    • Note: Do NOT select Power On and Force Recustomization otherwise you may lose your settings.
  4. With your virtual machine powered on, you may now remotely access it by clicking on Launch Web Console in the Actions menu.
    screen capture of the actions menu in the virtual machine tile with the Launch Web Console option highlighted in red
  5. The screen for your virtual machine will pop up, enabling you to remotely control it.

When you are finished using your Virtual Machine

Once you are finished using your Virtual Machine, you may choose the Shut down or Sign out option within your virtual machine’s operating system (do not choose Disconnect). You can then close the Educloud browser window.