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Microsoft Office 365 Access Information


BCIT purchases a large amount of licenses from Microsoft so that we can install Office on all the machines on campus. To show their appreciation, Microsoft throws in the option for students to use Office 365 for free – and that’s where BCIT’s involvement with Office 365 ends.

In other words, BCIT IT Services does not support Microsoft Office 365.

Current students and employees at BCIT have access to Microsoft Office 365 for free.

For students:

Students are eligible to sign up for Office 365 up to two weeks prior to course start date and to use it for two weeks after the course end date.

For employees:

Please read these instructions to get started.

What is included in the Microsoft Office 365 Access?

All students get access to a suite of Microsoft software, including: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more. Not just trial versions, but the fully-functioning versions. Furthermore, they can install them all up to five times on both desktop and mobile devices. It’ll work on Mac or Windows, Android or iOS.


Students are eligible to use Office 365 as long as they are a student taking a course in the current term. Once they are no longer a student, they must discontinue use of the product and uninstall Office. We are obligated to facilitate this process, so when your BCIT network login disappears, so will the Office 365 access.