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Migrating your Adobe Assets out of Adobe Creative Cloud when your Subscription ends

As a BCIT user of Adobe Creative Cloud Pro, you are eligible for Adobe Creative Cloud subscription which includes a storage component to store your Adobe Creative Cloud assets. Whether you are graduating from BCIT or leaving BCIT for another reason, you can now take all the creative artifacts that you created at BCIT.

You are responsible to migrate your data before your subscription ends.

Important: Time limitation

Your BCIT account can only access applications and Adobe Cloud storage for a short period after your last day of class. The amount of time depends on your status as a student:

  • Full-time students: up to 28 days
  • Flexible Learning students: up to 6 days

Do not miss the opportunity to save your work for your portfolio before you lose access.

Adobe Cloud storage is not hosted by BCIT and BCIT has no control over it. You will only be able to access Adobe Cloud storage using your BCIT account for the time listed above. Adobe retains assets in unused subscriptions for only 90 days, after which they will be deleted and are unrecoverable.

Manual asset transfer

You can migrate your Adobe assets only by doing a manual transfer of your your Adobe Creative Cloud assets from your BCIT Adobe account to your personal Adobe account. Adobe provides step by step instructions on migrating your files, libraries, and other settings.

You can view the full Manual Asset Transfer article on Adobe’s support website.

Please note: Unfortunately, Adobe’s ‘one-click’ migration process is not available to use with BCIT accounts. That process will only copy from personal AdobeID to personal AdobeID, and BCIT accounts are created instead with FederatedIDs.