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Reviewing, Comparing, and Rolling Back to Previous Versions of Content in Public Web WordPress

It is sometimes useful to review and compare previous versions of content. WordPress refers to these previous versions as “Revisions”, but takes a very different approach to them for unpublished vs. published content:

  • For unpublished (Draft or Pending) content, including both net new content and revision copies of existing published content, WordPress retains an unlimited number of saved and autosaved versions. These save/autosave versions can be used by the content creator (Editor or Publisher) to roll back to a previous saved or autosaved (but unpublished) version, but are primarily useful for Publishers checking submitted revision copies, as they permit Publishers to compare the submitted version with the original prior to publishing.
  • For published content, WordPress retains up to 25 previously published versions of the content, but discards any previous saved/autosaved draft versions. As only Publishers can directly edit a published page, only Publishers are able to view the list of previously published versions, and only Publishers are able to roll back to a previous version when needed.

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