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Navigating Between Multiple Section Views in Public Website WordPress

“Sections” are the primary way that access to editing and creating public website WordPress pages is controlled and limited to specific users. All pages have a Section assigned to them, and all users will have a role assigned to them in at least one section (either Editor or Publisher). While some users will have access to only one Section, many could have access to multiple Sections and will need to switch between them to access the pages in each.

Identifying your current Section

Having logged into WordPress:

  1. Look for the Section drop-down at the top of the screen. Whatever name you see currently chosen in this drop-down is your current Section. In the example below, the current section is “Admission”
    admin interface in WordPress with Admission visible as the current sectionNote: Each Section has a name and also a colour associated with it. The colour is used in the Section header bar (in the above example this is the white background around the Section drop-down) and also to indicate which menu items are affected by the currently selected Section.
    Wordpress menu with red arrows pointing to the light-grey edging marking certain items as being affected by the current section

Selecting/navigating to a different Section

Note: Ensure you are not currently editing a page in the current Section. When you change to a different Section, you’ll lose access to the current page you’re working on and won’t be able to continue or complete your edit until you change back to the current Section.

  1. Click on the drop-down menu to see what Sections are available for you to choose.
    available sections in the section selector
  2. When you see the one you want, click on it. The Section will immediately change, which will be reflected by a change in the colour of the background around the drop-down and the marking next to any menu items affected by the Section.
    WordPress admin interface with the About BCIT section selected, changing the selector bar to orange

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