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Finding an Existing Page, Editing Your Content, and Submitting it for Publisher Review in Public Website WordPress

Creating a brand new page and submitting it for review is a relatively simple process, but correctly finding and editing an already published page is a much more common activity when maintaining an existing site and requires a couple of extra steps to be done correctly and completely.

Note: The below instructions are written for users with Editor access to the Section containing the page being edited. Users with Publisher access can follow the same steps up to the part where the user is instructed to “Submit for Review” which, as Publishers, they will not have the option to do.

Finding the page to edit and creating a revision

Note: If you have access to more than one Section in WordPress, you may need to start by first navigating to the Section containing the page you want to edit.

  1. Click on Pages in the WordPress menu.
    Note: The list of pages will usually default to showing “All” available pages in the section. To eliminate from the list any draft or pending revision copies of pages, click on the Published filter.
    animated gif showing the effect of changing to the Published filter in the Pages list
  2. Navigate to page you wish to edit, either by scanning down the list until you find it, or by using the search filter and searching for the name of the page you wish to edit.
    animated gif demonstrating the search feature
  3. Hover your mouse over the page name and click Create Revision from the options that appear below it.

This creates a new copy of the page for you to edit. Nothing you do to the content will affect the published version until the revision copy has been been published by your Publisher.

Note: You may notice that the permalink for the page changes to indicate the your revision copy is a “child” of the original. This is not a cause for concern. Do not attempt to edit the permalink. When the revision is published it will be published with the correct permalink.

Trashing a revision rather than submitting it for review

In some cases you may discover after starting a revision that you no longer want to make the change you originally intended to, or that you’ve made edits to the page that you regret and want to start again with a fresh copy. Any user, whether Editor or Publisher, can trash a revision copy of a page. There are two ways to approach this and which to use depends on where you are in the system when you decide to trash it.

Submitting a revision for Publisher review

Once you’ve created a revision in the previous procedure you can go ahead and make all necessary edits to the page and its content, including media files, panels, etc. Once you have completed all necessary changes you’re ready to proceed with this procedure.

  1. Important: Preview your page one last time to ensure that it looks the way you would expect it to look. Just as you would when creating a new page, check for formatting and content errors, for conformance with all BCIT Public Website Standards, and also check that the page looks good not only on desktop machines but also on mobile devices.
  2. Click the Submit for Review button in the Publish sidebar.
    • Note: All Publishers for your Section will be emailed to let them know that you’ve submitted content. If you need to provide additional information about the changes you’ve made, you’ll need to email or call them directly as there is currently no way for you to do so from within WordPress.

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