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Usage Guidelines for the Events Calendar in Public Website WordPress

Who can submit events?

Users in select departments and schools can submit an event to the calendar. However, no event will post to the calendar without approval of that department or school’s WordPress Publisher. The Publisher will ensure that all events they approve:

  • satisfy the submission requirements below,
  • satisfy any formal or informal standards for events within their own department or school, and
  • are in compliance with all Institute policies regarding events and event postings.

What kind of events can be posted?

In addition to meeting the submission requirements below, events can only be posted if they fall into one of the following categories:

  • Student recruitment events (Orientation, info sessions, etc.)
  • Events for current students or current faculty and staff (BCIT forums, conferences, special events)
  • Events for BCIT-related groups (Student Association, Staff Unions, special interest groups)

Submission requirements

Before creating an event, satisfy the following requirements:

  • The event takes place at one of BCIT’s five campuses or is sponsored by a department or recognized group at BCIT.
  • The location of the event is reserved and confirmed, as is any other support needed for the event, such as streaming services (if applicable).
  • The poster has assembled all necessary event information and that information has been checked to ensure it is current and accurate.
  • The event satisfies any formal or informal standards for events with the poster’s department or school.
  • Optional: If there is to be a BCIT web page with more information about the event, that web page has been published or is ready to be launched (can be launched concurrent with event posting).

When creating an event, perform the following quality checks:

  • Proofread all event information.
  • Check that all event information is still accurate (if some time has passed between the planning of the event and its posting).
  • Review a sample of existing events in the calendar and compare to your own to ensure that your event matches the general style and format for events. All images used need to conform to the published BCIT Public Website WordPress Standards.
  • Images, if used, should be appropriate for the event being submitted.

Final points to consider regarding the timing of event postings:

  • Submit your event well in advance of the event date.
  • If you are not a WordPress Publisher, your event will require approval, so please allow 24-48 hours for the Publisher to review and approve an event (or coordinate with them directly to ensure a timely approval).

What can’t be posted?

The following categories of events cannot be posted in the main BCIT events calendar:

  • Personal events or solicitations,
  • Classes, or
  • Department meetings or other internal staff and faculty-focused events.

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