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A Guide for BCIT Digital Content Creators

Be Concise & Consistent

When you write more, people understand less. Too much text and too many navigation choices makes it hard for our users to find the information they need. Similarly, deviating from established design patterns can create a poor experience for the user. Consistency in voice, look, and feel makes our multiple sites feel like part of the same family.

How to meet this standard

  • In general, aim for less content and fewer pages.
  • Draw attention to important information and navigation choices by displaying only what’s necessary.
  • Use only videos and images that enhance understanding of written content.
  • Put yourself in your reader’s shoes: why should they care about the information on your page? Put the most important information right up front.
  • Don’t duplicate content found elsewhere on our site. Link to a single, authoritative source of content. Where you absolutely require different versions of similar content in multiple locations, work across all departments involved to ensure you are all saying the same thing.
  • Use the BCIT web voice. Use language that conveys the following attributes:
    • Welcoming – is the page approachable and clear?
    • Empowering – does it inspire our visitors and make them feel confident?
    • Purposeful – does it come across as practical and make them feel ready?
  • Follow established and BCIT-specific language conventions:
  • Use existing and standard templates.

Supporting resources

BCIT Writing Style Guide