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Managing Programs in Public Website WordPress

Programs in the Program Catalogue are cohesive representations of BCIT program offerings and are constructed with content from multiple sources, including:

  • Banner: Program information, including information about courses and the course matrix
  • WordPress Programs: Program marketing content
  • WordPress Events Calendar: Infosessions (as long as those Events are correctly tagged with the program code)
  • Other sources: Graduate employment outcomes, global alerts from Banner and/or WordPress

Each Program contains a set or subset of standard pages displaying information from one or more of the sources above, and there is an option to add additional WordPress-only pages for additional content.

As a WordPress user in a School, you wouldn’t create Programs from scratch. They are created by IT Services and the Registrar’s Office when a new Program is created and set up in Banner. But once the Program has been created, you are responsible for keeping the program marketing content updated in WordPress.

Preview your Program!

WordPress preview button

Previewing your Program from WordPress will show you more information than is visible on the live version, including a clear visual indication of which content is coming from Banner.

Do not duplicate: Previewing your content shows what content is coming from Banner. Do not repeat this content in WordPress.

Finding and Editing a Program in WordPress

Path Setting, Hero Image, & Meta Settings


Program Subpages

More information about managing public website content in WordPress