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Creating a New Page in Public Website WordPress

Creating a new page in WordPress is relatively simple and all users can do so. Editor users will need their new page reviewed and approved by their Section’s Publisher before it can be viewed on the live site.

Creating a new page in the structure of an existing site

Step 1: Gather content

Before you begin, ensure you know or have the following:

Step 2: Select the Section

Next, in WordPress, select the correct Section for your content

Step 3: Set up page settings

  1. Navigate to Pages in the WordPress menu and select Add New. This will open up a new draft page where you can add text, media, or any other content.
  2. Type the page title in the Page Title field.
    Note: Remember to follow our website standard for titles when naming your page.
    The Permalink will automatically populate with the page title at the end of the URL the first time you enter a page title, after a short delay.
  3. In the Page Attributes sidebar (on the right-hand side of the screen), select the Parent page from the dropdown menu. This is where your new page will belong in the menu hierarchy.
  4. Enter a value in the Order field. This control the placement of the page in the menu list. If all pages at the same level have the same order value, they will be listed in alphabetical order in the menu.

Step 4: Build page

  1. Add your prepared content in the content editing area or in panels.
  2. In the Publish sidebar, click Preview to see how your content will look when it is published.
    Note: Remember to look at how the page will appear both on a desktop computer and on smaller mobile devices. In Firefox you can use Ctrl-Shift-M (or Cmd-Option-M on Macintosh) to use the Responsive Design View feature. In other browsers you can manually resize the browser window for a similar effect.
  3. When the page is ready to be reviewed by your Publisher, click Submit for Review under the Publish sidebar. If you’re not ready to submit, you could instead click Save Draft and submit it at a later time.

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