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Enabling the Google Chrome High Contrast Extension for Banner 9

This article provides instructions on how to add a Chrome extension to increase contrast, and visually define the default neutral Banner 9 color scheme.

Add Google Chrome High Contrast extension

Add this Chrome extension to increase contrast, and visually define the default neutral Banner 9 color scheme.

NOTE: You will not be able to download this extension if you are in Chrome Incognito. Download this extension initially through a regular Chrome page.

  1. Open up a Chrome page, and navigate to the High Contrast extension download page.
  2. Click on Add to Chrome.Screenshot Google Chrome High Contrast
  3. A pop-up box message will appear. Click on Add extension.Screenshot Chrome web store
  4. Another pop-up message will appear confirming that the extension has been added. Click on the X to exit. Screenshot high contrast added to Chrome
  5. At the top-right corner of your Chrome page, you may see a symbol in the shape of a puzzle piece. Click on this puzzle piece. Screenshot Google Chrome extension puzzle icon
  6. Any Google extensions you have loaded will show up in the drop-down box. Click on the tack icon to the right of High Contrast to add it to your bookmark bar.Screenshot Google Chrome High Contrast tack icon
  7. The High Contrast symbol will now show up on your Bookmark bar for easy access.  Click on the High Contrast icon.Screenshot Google Chrome High Contrast icon
  8. The system will default you into a random color scheme. Select one of the preferred schemes: Normal or Increased Contrast.
  9. Click on Set as default scheme. Screenshot Google Chrome High Contrast Enabled

Normal view vs Increased Contrast view

Normal view on a Banner page:

Screenshot of SPAIDEN Banner 9 Normal contrast view

Increased Contrast view on a Banner page:

Screenshot SPAIDEN Banner 9 Increased Contrast view

NOTE: If you are using Increased Contrast, please be aware that the colors on other sites will also be affected.

Allow High Contrast extension to work in Chrome Incognito

  1. Right-click your mouse over the High contrast icon.
  2. A drop-down menu will open. Click on Manage extensions. Screenshot Google Chrome High Contrast Manage Extensions
  3. Scroll down the page till you get to Allow in incognito, and move the button to the right. Screenshot allow Google Chrome High Contrast in Incognito

Now when you are signed into Banner in Chrome Incognito, you will be able to use the High Contrast extension, and see the icon on your bookmark bar.

Screenshot High Contrast icon on Chrome Incognito