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Recording Attendance in Banner for Attendance Keepers

Specific employees in work areas are designated as Attendance Keepers as part of their regular work duties. These people record the sick time, vacation time and other absences from work for a group of employees in their area.

The following instructions help navigate you through Banner 9 to record attendance for an employee.


  • For Attendance Keepers to have access to the Banner Attendance pages and Cognos reports, their manager must send a request for BANNER-ATTEND security and Attendance Groups to IT services
  • Once the request is complete by IT, the request will be triaged to an HR Systems Administrator to provide access to the Attendance Group requested.

Attendance Keepers Loop page

Follow HR’s Attendance Keepers Loop Page to keep up to date on the latest information.

In this Loop page, you can reference the Attendance Manual. This manual is intended as a reference guide for Attendance Keepers, as well as for management staff and other employees who would like to learn more about attendance.

Accessing and managing employees through PWAIDEN

The Attendance Keeper uses this Banner page to access the attendance records for the employees that they are authorized to update (a particular group).

  1. Click on the Dashboard icon or the Search icon on the menu panel.
  2. Type PWAIDEN in the search bar, and then click on the selection below.
    Screenshot B9 landing page PWAIDENA list of employee ID’s that the Attendance Keeper has security access to will display.
    NOTE: The view of records may default to a pagination of 20 per page. The total number of employees the Attendance Keeper has access to manage will be indicated on the bottom-right corner (Record 1 of *). If ID’s are numerous, navigate and scroll over to see list of employees on the next page, or adjust the pagination (number of lines) to view per page.
    Screenshot B9 PWAIDEN list
  3. Identify your selected employee line, and click on the Attendance button to take you to enter daily attendance records using the PWAATDT Banner page OR click on the Entitlements button to record the yearly entitlements for vacation, sick time, banked sick time and banked earned time using the PWAATTL Banner page.
    Screenshot B9 PWAIDEN Attendance and Entitlements buttons

Follow these steps when clicking on the Attendance button or Entitlements button from PWAIDEN: