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Printing your Tuition Tax Receipt T2202A in myBCIT Online Self Service

To qualify for an education tax deduction, you will need to provide a copy of your T2202A Tuition Tax Receipt with your income tax return. The T2202A is issued to students enrolled during the calendar year (January – December) in a qualifying program at a post-secondary institution. Application fees are not an eligible deduction.

This article describes the steps to take for printing your Tuition Tax Receipt T2202A.

In your browser:

  1. Go to and login with your usual BCIT credentials.
  2. Click Online Self Service.Screenshot of Online Self Service link in myBCIT
  3. Click Student Self Service.
  4. On the Student Self Service page, scroll down and under Canadian tax forms, click T2202A Tax Credit Form.Screenshot of T2202 Tax Credit Form in Student Self Service in myBCIT
  5. Select Tax Year and view type.
    • If you select View Data and click Submit, the Tuition summary for the year you requested will be shown on the screen.
    • If you select Printable T2202A Form, click Submit and Continue, the T2202A will be shown and ready to be printed. You can print the receipt directly from your internet browser.

Note: After the first T2202A has been printed, all other copies will be marked Duplicate. We have confirmed that you can submit a copy marked “Duplicate” for your income tax purposes.

Additional information

If you would like to receive your T2202A by mail, please call 604-432-8999.

If you need T2202A help regarding tuition fee amounts, please email

If there is any course duration or registration discrepancies on your T2202A, please call 604-432-8498 or email