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Configuring Workspace on an Android Device

On your Android device:

  1. Open the Google Play Store and search for Citrix Workspace.  Select Install.
    Citrix Workspace app in Google Play store
  2. Launch the Workspace app. You will receive several prompts asking you to grant various kinds of access to your device. Tap ‘Allow’.pop up asking to allow workspace to send you notifications with allow and don't allow buttons
  3. Tap Get home screen with teal get started button
  4. When prompted, type into the field and tap Continue.Welcome screen showing field to enter company email address or store URL with entered
  5. Enter your usual BCIT credentials, and tap Sign On.
  6. If you have any favorite apps, they will appear. If you only have one app, it will launch automatically. Otherwise, tap the icon on the top left and tap Apps.App menu showing Apps menu items marked in red


Adding an App to your Favorites

In Workspace:

  1. Tap the ‘i’ icon on the App icon, then tap the star. The App will be added to your Favorites and will appear on your Home list showing i-in-circle icon on an app icon and the star at the top right of the info pop-up both marked with a red rectangle