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Adding an Application Favorite in Workspace

To access your apps more easily, you can add them to your Favorites so they will be accessible without having to switch to the ‘Apps’ menu.

Launching BCIT Workspace and adding an App as a Favorite

1.  Open Workspace by going to or by selecting the Citrix Workspace icon on your desktop.

Citrix workspace icon.

2.  Select Apps.
3.  Find the App you wish to add to your Favorites.

Web page snippet of apps button.

4.  Click on the grey arrow pointing down.

Web page snippet of apps window and grey arrow pointing down. button

5.  Select Add to Favorites. The app will now appear under the favorites tab.

Web page snippet of add to favorites button.

Remove an App from your Favorites

1.  Select Favorites.

Web page snippet of apps favorites button.

2.  Find the app you wish to remove from Favorites.
3.  Select the grey arrow pointing down.
4.  Select Remove from favorites. The app will disappear from your Favorites, but will still be accessible in the Apps menu.

Web page snippet of remove from favorites button.