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Configuring Workspace in Windows 10

In Windows 10, you can access Workspace from a web browser or directly from the Start Menu. The first time you log in, you will need to configure the Citrix Receiver on your machine.

Note:  It is recommended that you install the Citrix Receiver.  Using the light version may result in reduced functionality for some applications.

Accessing Workspace

1.  Go to in any web browser and log in using your usual BCIT credentials.
2.  Select Detect Receiver.

Citrix receiver detect receiver button.

3.  At the Citrix Receiver download screen, read and agree to the license agreement and select Download.

Citrix receiver download button.

4.  Depending on your browser, select Open, Run, or Save File.

    • Chrome:
Citrix receiver exe open button.
    • Internet Explorer:
Citrix receiver exe save button.
Citrix receiver run button.
    • Firefox:
Citrix receiver exe save file button.
Citrix receiver exe open file button.

5.  Select Yes to the User Account Control pop-up.

Citrix receiver yes button to allow this app.

6.  Select Start on the installation window.

Citrix receiver start button.

7.  Accept the license agreement and select Next.
8.  Select Install.
9.  Open your browser window again and select Launch Application.
10.  Check the box next to Remember or Always open and select Open link.

    • Chrome:
Open citrix receiver launcher button.
    • Internet Explorer:
Citrix receiver installed continue button.
    • Firefox:
Citrix receiver launcher open link button.

11.  If you receive a warning about running an add-on, select Allow and remember or Always run on this site.
12.  Select Desktops to view your virtual desktops.  Select Apps to view your applications.

Apps button.

Note: You can also add an app to your favourites.

Start menu integration

1.  Launch Workspace from your Start Menu.

Citrix receiver desktop app button to launch workspace from start menu.

2.  Enter as the server address.  Select Add.

Citrix receiver add account field.

3.  If you are prompted to log in, enter your usual BCIT credentials. If you are prompted to log in a second time, enter your credentials again.

Known issues

After installing Citrix Receiver using one browser you may be prompted to re-install when logging in using a different browser. You do not actually need to re-install, just select ‘Detect Receiver’ and open the launcher as in step 5.