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Problem with SSL error when connecting to Workspace

Occasionally users experience SSL (encryption) related errors when connecting to applications and desktops in Workspace.

The error may look like one of the following:

Before making any other changes please make sure your Citrix Workspace App is the latest version. You can download the latest version from Citrix 

If updating the Workspace App doesn’t work, you should be able to resolve the problem using the following method:

1. Open your Windows Start Menu
2. Open Settings | Date & Time
3. Disable Set time automatically by moving the switch to the off position
4. Click Change
5. Move the year to 2033 and click Change to save your settings. You must select a date this far in the future to cause a date discrepancy between your computer and the SSL certificate used on the Web server. The date discrepancy will cause the SSL handshake to fail.
6. Restart your computer.
7. Cause the SSL Handshake Error again by accessing your Citrix portal
8. Wait just a few seconds for an error message to appear in your browser, alerting you that the server’s SSL certificate is not yet valid, and because of this the SSL handshake has failed.
9. Change the date on your computer back to the correct date to resolve the issue and avoid future SSL handshake errors. It may take a couple hours to make successful connection.