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Options for creating a Windows environment on your Mac computer to run apps with AppsAnywhere

Several programs teach in a Windows environment only and several software applications will only run on a Windows platform. If you are a student equipped with a Mac computer, options are available for you to add a Windows platform to your Mac device so long as it contains an Intel processor.

Important note regarding M1 Macs

Newer Macs with Apple M1 chip processor cannot be used to install a Windows-based operating system. The only solution for running Windows-based applications if your only device is an M1 Mac is to use the AppsAnywhere Desktop in Workspace.

To enable a Windows environment on an intel-based Mac computer, you will need access to a copy of Windows 10 and one of the following options:

  1. VMware Fusion
  2. VirtualBox
  3. Parallels

Options 1, and 2 above are free to BCIT students, and it is your personal preference how you prepare your Windows environment.

Necessary for all options: Windows 10 Operating System

BCIT students can get access to Windows 10 Education using Azure Dev Tools for Teaching.

More information:

Note that the version of Windows provided to students through this program is limited to one install. Please be sure which method you would like to adopt before entering your Win10 product key as you will not be able to reinstall using the same key.

Option 1: VMware Fusion

VMware Fusion gives Mac users the power to run other operating systems side by side with Mac applications, without rebooting. BCIT has a site license for some VMware products that is accessible by students.

More information:

Option 2: VirtualBox

VirtualBox is a free download from Oracle that will allow you to install Windows in a virtual machine and run it on your Mac device. Combined with the free Windows for students above, this can be a good option.

Option 3: Parallels

Parallels is a virtualization solution that functions in much the same way as VMware Fusion or VirtualBox. BCIT does not have any site license or product discounts for Parallels and a student license is $79.99USD in August 2020.

More information about software and licensing