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vmWare Licensing User Guide

BCIT holds an academic campus site license for vmWare products.

  • This site license gives access to some (not all) vmWare products for classroom use, and are also available on student & instructor personal devices.
  • The Campus license allows students access for 1 year, which can be renewed as long as student status is maintained.

Lab Use/Instructor Use

Instructors requiring vmWare applications for their labs should advise BCIT IT Services and submit requests for installation in their required labs.

Student Use

Accounts and access are automatically provisioned for all BCIT students at the beginning of each term.

  • Note that this is a change from previous years.

Students will need to complete registration of their accounts.

Students using Mac OS have free access to vmWare Fusion (11.x, at time of writing)


Academic subscription products typically lag 3-5 months behind on current releases.
For example, Fusion 12.x was released on Sept 15 2020 but access is not expected to be available via the BCIT site license until at least the end of the year.
This is a limitation of the Academic site license.

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