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Setting up Exchange on a Personal Device

These are instructions for setting up your BCIT Exchange email address in another program other than Outlook 2016/2019 that has been deployed onto a BCIT issued device.

These instructions are provided as is; IT Services does not support personal devices.

This includes programs such as Mail app for Mac. This does not include any mobile devices such as iOS, Blackberry,  or Android.

General settings

The following items will be used to configure your BCIT Exchange account in any mail program that supports Exchange. Please note that your program may not ask for all of the following information.

  • Your Name: FirstName LastName (matches what your email address is)
  • Email Address:
  • Password: Your usual BCIT password
  • Username: Your primary BCIT email address
  • Domain:
  • Exchange Server:

Using the mail client for macOS

  1. Start the Mail program by clicking on the Mail icon from Applications or Launchpad.screen shot snippets of setting up Exchange
  2. Choose Exchange as your mail account provider.screen shot snippets of setting up Exchange
  3. Enter your Name, BCIT Email Address and Network password into the account information screen and click Sign In.screen shot snippets of setting up Exchange
  4. The same prompt will return asking for your username, Enter your usual BCIT login credentials and click Sign In again.
  5. Once a connection has been established and your credentials authenticated, you will get a summary screen asking if you what you would like to sync. You may uncheck these if you do not wish to use them. Click the Done button when you are ready to complete set up.screen shot snippets of setting up Exchange
  6. Congratulations, your exchange email is now configured for use in the Mail program on OSX! Your mail box will begin to download all of your emails and folders and may not be all available for up to an hour (depending on how big your mail box is).screen shot snippets of setting up Exchange