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Laptop and Computer Accessories Supported by IT Services

Laptop/desktop accessories – what does ITS support?

If you have been issued an ITS supported laptop or workstation, you will likely be using peripheral devices and/or accessories to facilitate your work. Most of these peripherals are purchased by your department, and often not supported by IT Services. Here is more information on what we do/do not support:

Monitors & screens

All monitors are departmentally owned. IT Services can help troubleshoot any monitors purchased through IT Services (currently standard Dell models). If a new monitor is required or a monitor needs to be replaced, it can be purchased from IT Services via a cross-charge to your department.

IT Services does not provide any video adapters to connect to an external monitor. If you require a specific cable to work with your monitor, it must be purchased by your department. Sometimes, these cables will come bundled with the purchase of a new laptop, any replacements for these adapters must be purchased.

Laptop docking stations

For BCIT issued Lenovo laptops, IT Services ONLY supports Lenovo docking stations purchased from ITS through a cross-charge. We do not support any third party universal docking stations. Users who use an unsupported laptop will need to purchase and support their docking station themselves. IT Services is unable to troubleshoot third party devices.

Keyboards & mice

IT Services does not support wireless keyboards and mice. Should you require a wireless solution, it will need to be purchased through your departmental purchaser, and IT Services cannot assist with any troubleshooting. IT Services can replace broken keyboards and mice with the standard wired models (if there are any in stock).

Cables & cords

IT Services can replace the following base cables and cords:

  •  Ethernet (network) cables
  •  VGA cables
  •  DVI cables
  •  DisplayPort cables
  •  Standard power cords (Kettle plug)

IT Services CANNOT supply or replace the following cables & cords

  • HDMI Cable
  • Mini DisplayPort cables
  • Monitor adapter cables
  • Audio cables
  • USB/USB-C cables
  • Power bars

Other peripherals

All other peripheral devices (external hard drives, external DVD/CD drives, label printers, etc…) must be purchased at the departmental level and are not supported by IT Services.

Accessories available through ITS cross-charge:

Some accessories are available to be purchased from a web requisition and subsequent cross-charge to through IT Services. If the purchased item is in stock at IT Services, it can be delivered much faster than the usual four week period to have items delivered.

Items available

  • Monitors available:
    • Dell P2217h – 22″ monitor
    • Dell U2419H – ultrasharp 24″ monitor
    • Dell U2719D – ultrasharp 27″ monitor
    • Dell U3421WE – ultrasharp 34″ curved monitor
  • Docks available:
    • Lenovo docking stations for T480s and T490s laptops
  • Lenovo laptop power adapters available:
    • T480s
    • T490s
    • T14
    • P14
    • Note: This is dependant on current stock levels. Adapters may need to be ordered if stock is depleted.