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Using a Document Camera

Document cameras are contemporary versions of the old-fashioned overhead projector. Use a document camera when you need to:

  • project a printed document, object or digital file onto a wall or projection screen.
  • capture images and annotations to your computer.

Read an overview of document camera use in the classroom.

Getting started

  1. Turn the power on using the button on the left side of the document camera.
  2. Once the document camera is displaying on the screen, after following one of the processes below, test and adjust the document camera’s lighting using the Lights button and the Backlight button.

In a Smart Learning Space

  1. Press the mini screen.
  2. Press the mini screen again.
  3. On the mini screen, choose the projector you want to use.
  4. Press Input Select.
  5. Press Document Camera.

In a room with a wall panel with buttons

  1. Connect the document camera to the laptop input connected to the wall panel.
  2. Turn on the system.
  3. Touch the Laptop input button on the panel.

In a room with a projector and remote control

  1. Connect the document camera to the VGA cable connected to the projector.
  2. Turn on the projector with the remote.
  3. Change the input on the projector to “VGA1” or “Computer1” with the remote.

Pausing the image

  • To pause the image, (e.g. so the document camera doesn’t track the activity on the camera’s pane), press Still Image.
  • To “unfreeze” the image, press Still Image again.

Projecting transparencies

To project transparencies press the Backlight button.