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Using Equipment in Smart Classrooms

Standard equipment in Smart Classrooms includes:

  • a ceiling-mounted LCD projector
  • auxiliary inputs
  • audio speakers

Need to use the audio visual equipment in a Smart Classroom? Use the following instructions for these rooms.

Displaying your laptop computer window.
Adjusting the volume window.
Displaying auxiliary equipment window.
Ending your session window.

Smart Classrooms locations

Smart Classrooms covered by this document:

Building Room(s)
NE1 204 205 206 226 310 353
SE1 116 141 205 211 220
SE10 135 234
SE12 103C 103E 203E 308 309
SW1 1080 2020 2030
SW3 3615
SW9 206

Note: Equipment in SE6–204, SE6–205, SE6–206 and SE6–207 and NE1–201 is not the same as shown in this document.