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Accessing Your Stored Files in OneDrive, ShareIn/ShareOut and BCIT Network Drives

You can access your files from a BCIT computer lab, or on your own internet-connected device. You’ll need your usual BCIT login credentials.

To ensure that your files remains secure:

  • Make sure you log off lab computers when you’re done using them.
  • Never share your login (and consider using a secure password manager to manage it).

Accessing your files in BCIT computer labs

When you log on to BCIT lab computers, several drives are “mapped” to you, based on your BCIT account. Your mapped drives include ShareIn (drive I) and ShareOut (drive J), and the DEV drive (drive Z).

  • You can locate all your mapped drives by opening My Computer, or from the Save As and File > Open windows in any software application.

Access, upload, and share files using OneDrive online in your web browser.

You can share a file or folder with someone to collaborate with them.

Accessing your files on your internet-connected personal device

To access your files from any computer other than a BCIT lab computer, use OneDrive by visiting and ShareIn/Out using the instructions found here.

Any up-to-date web browser, on any operating system (Windows, Macintosh, Linux), will give you the full functionality of the website.