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Accessing the S Drive on macOS

On Windows you or your colleagues may be familiar with or refer to drive letter locations such as the S:\ drive. macOS does not have drive letters and connecting to these locations must be done differently.

The table below the connection instructions lists all common S drive locations as they would be accessible from a Windows computer and their macOS equivalents. You may either click the link to connect one time from this page or you can manually connect and save the location using the following instructions.

Remote access

If you are following these instructions when not on a BCIT campus, you’ll need to connect to myVPN first in order to follow these instructions. Install and setup myVPN.

Connecting to an S:\ Location

  1. Copy the drive location address from the table below.
  2. In the Go menu, click Connect to Server…. You can also use the keyboard shortcut ⌘ + K.
    MacOS desktop with the Go menu selected showing the Connect to Server menu item at the bottom
  3. Paste the mac drive location address in to the Server Address Field and click “+”.
    Connect to Server dialog box with a drive location pasted in

    • [Optional] If you access this drive frequently, you can also click the + before you click Connect to add it to your favourite servers list for easy access later.
  4. You will be prompted to sign in. Select Registered User and sign in with your BCIT credentials.
    Sign-in screen for server
red arrow pointing to the server address that has now been added under Locations at the bottom left

You will now have the Network drive location under the “Locations” section (you may need to scroll down from the Finder’s left sidebar). You may also see a drive icon on your Desktop if you have enabled that setting.