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Accessing a Departed User’s OneDrive Storage

When you are assigned access to someone else’s OneDrive you will need to initially access it via your browser. The URL is in this format:

The username is the user’s email address with all the @ symbols and periods converted to underscores. For example: becomes firstname_lastname_bcit_ca

OneDrive access in a browser showing the add shortcut to my files and sync buttons marked in red

When you connect the first time you will find an option to link their OneDrive storage to your own OneDrive storage and sync the data to your own computer.


Having been assigned access to another user’s OneDrive does not extend its retention period. Our existing processes will remove the departed user’s OneDrive storage at a scheduled time (currently 400 days after departure). At that time the files will no longer be accessible. Please make sure any files that need to be retained are copied to your own OneDrive or to a shared repository.