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Adding a BCIT Network Printer to Your Personal Mac Device

Employees may wish to use their own Mac computer while working at BCIT, and as such may need to be able to print to BCIT printers. Because a non-BCIT computer will not be joined to BCIT’s Active Directory, a few additional steps are required to get printers installed and configured. This KB Article explains the steps needed to connect to and configure BCIT printers from a Mac.

  1. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences.
  2. Open Print and Fax.
  3. Click the + button to add a new printer.screen shot adding a network printer on Mac
  4. Control‐click (or right‐click) the toolbar and select Customize Toolbar.Add printer dialogue with display options menu open and customize toolbar option at bottom selected
  5. Drag the Advanced icon onto the toolbar, click Done.Customize toolbar options showing the two gear Advanced icon circled in red with an arrow pointing to where it should be dragged to
  6. On the toolbar, click the newly added Advanced button.
  7. From the Type drop‐down menu, select Windows printer via spoolss.
  8. In the URL: field, enter the address of the printer you want to install.
    • The printer address will be the server name ‘smb://’ plus the print queue name. To add the printer SE12-200-MPC6004 use: smb://
    • If your printer name includes spaces, they must be replaced by the delimiter ‘%20’. To add SE12 200 LXMT642, use: smb://
    • Note: The print queue name can be found by looking on a Windows PC with the queue already mapped, or if it is a newer Ricoh device the printer name can be found in the System Message area at the top of the home screen:
    screen shot adding a network printer on Mac
    • Note: Make sure to include the “?encryption=no” string after the printer name to ensure proper setup.
  9. From the Use drop down, select either Generic PostScript Printer or if you have downloaded the specific driver from the manufacturer’s website, use that.Add printer dialogue showing the Use menu with generic postscript printer selected
  10. Click Add.
  11. The first time you send a job to the newly added printer, you will be prompted for a username and password.
    • Important: Enter only the prefix for your BCIT email address (the part before and your usual BCIT password. Example: If your BCIT email address were, you would enter asmith948 as the username.
  12. Check the box labeled “Remember this password in my keychain” in order to prevent this message from appearing every time.authentication pop-up for the printer, showing email prefix, occluded password, and checked remember in keychain checkbox