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Connecting to the Projector in AppleTV Mac Labs

Mac labs connect to the projectors via installed AppleTVs. To connect to the AppleTV installed in the lab you are presenting in, please follow the instructions below.

Locations of AppleTV Mac Labs

Burnaby campus

  • NE01-345
  • NE01-346
  • SE12-311
  • SE14-113
  • SE14-120
  • SE14-121
  • SE14-124

Downtown campus

  • DTC-850
  • DTC-860
  • DTC-870
  • DTC-880
  • DTC-890

Connecting to the AppleTV  and projector

  1. Log into the instructor station.
  2. Click the Control Centre in the menu bar on the instructor station showing the control centre icon marked by a red rectangle
  3. Click the  Screen Mirroring tile from the Control Centre menu.
    Instructor station control centre showing the screen mirroring tile marked by a red rectangle
  4. Select the appropriate room number from the drop-down list of AppleTVs.
    Screen mirroring drop-down menu showing a list of DTC room numbers
  5. Enter the password and click OK.Airplay Device Password dialog requesting the password for DTC-850
    • Note: Passwords are BCITroomnumber. For example, NE01-345 would require the password “BCIT345”. Passwords are case sensitive.
  6. If successful, the Screen Mirroring icon in the menu bar will turn blue and the projector will start mirroring your desktop.
    menu bar showing the blue screen mirroring icon in the menu bar, marked by a red rectangle
  7. To turn off Screen Mirroring, select the Screen Mirroring icon from the menu bar and click the connected Apple TV again to stop the mirroring.
    Screen mirroring contextual menu showing the currently connected Apple TV marked by a red rectangle

More information

If you need additional information, please contact the Technology Service Desk (604-412-7444 – option 1).