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Connecting to the Wired Network in BCIT Student Residences


During scheduled maintenance events, the wired network connections in residences may be interrupted. Please check the ITS status page to see upcoming maintenance periods or current outages.

Wired network connections in BCIT student residences are similar to standard Internet Service Provider (ISP) connections. They use a network protocol called Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE). Physically one must connect a Category 5 or 6 RJ45 terminated cable to the room’s jack and the device you want to connect. This cable is just the standard cable that ships with many devices.

After plugging in your device, the device’s PPPoE client software needs to be configured. This configuration process varies based on the Operating System (OS) that is used on the device.

Due to the number of device and software manufacturers we cannot offer specific step-by-step instructions for every device. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to configure PPPOE on a D-Link branded router. These instructions and screenshots will differ from previous, future and manufacturer of specific devices (Cisco, Asus, Linksys D-Link, HP, Dell, etc) and is intended to provide a general guide on how to configure PPPOE. For further information on how to configure PPPOE on your router please consult the devices manual or the manufacturers technical documentation.