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Requesting Event WiFi Access

Important information

  • The minimum lead time to process event WiFi requests is five business days.
  • To obtain network credentials for an event with multiple attendees, please complete the online application form by following the steps below.
  • To make a request for WiFi access for a single individual please use the following instructions: How to create a guest wireless network account.

Request WiFi access for events with multiple attendees

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Login and Make a requestlogin screen for BCIT tech help
  3. Login with your BCIT ID and password.login screen for BCIT
  4. Once logged in, click on Make a Request.
  5. In the service catalog, select Networks and Connectivity.Request screen for networks at BCIT
  6. Click on Wireless (WiFi)Menu for wireless networks at BCIT
  7. Click Request Event WiFi Access.request for wireless event wifi access at BCITFill in the description with details of the event including:
    • The purpose of the request.
    • The dates and times WiFi access is required.
    • The name and contact details of the event organizer.