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Creating a Guest Wireless Network Account (Faculty & Staff)

BCIT staff can create a guest WiFi account online.

  • The guest’s username will be their email address.
  • The password will be provided upon completion of the online registration form.
  • The account will be available to the guest for a period of one week starting on the date of creation.
    • If an extension of access beyond this date is required, the staff member must recreate the account. Note that this will issue a new password.

Need WiFi access for an event?: Guest Wifi for Events

Apply online

  1. Open your web browser and go to:
  2. The following web page should appear. Click on the Guest Wifi Access button shown belowBCIT Wireless guest wifi image
  3. Scroll to “Need an account? Click Here” and click on the linkGuest login screen
  4. On the Guest Account Request page, please enter the Guest information as requested and register.BCIT guest account request screen

You will see a page appear with account information. Please record the account credentials and close the window.

  • Note: The login button at the bottom of the form will remain greyed out as it is only used by a guest to login.

Sponsor confirmation

Once you have submitted the registration for your guest, as a sponsor you will receive an email as shown below.

  1. Select “click here” to acknowledge that you have received a request by a guest for a wireless guest account.BCIT wireless guest sponsorship screen
  2. The following webpage will appear. Click to confirm or reject the request
    BCIT guest registration confirmation screenBCIT guest registration confirmation screen

Guest user network connection and login

When the guest arrives on campus, they must connect to the BCIT_Guest wireless network and login to the network.

Connect to BCIT_Guest

  1. In the lower right of your screen, click on the wifi iconwifi icon showing connectivity image
  2. A list of available networks should appearmenu showing BCIT guest network
  3. Scroll through the list and click on BCIT_Guest and then click the Connect buttonBCIT Guest connect button


Now that you are connected, you can login in order to have full access to the Internet.

  1. Open your web browser. and go to
  2. The following web page should appear. Click on the Guest Wifi Access button shown below.BCIT Wireless guest wifi image
  3. At the Guest Login screen, enter your email address as the username and the password that was supplied by your sponsor. After reading and accepting the terms of use, click the green login button.guest login screen

By default, the account expires one week after creation. If the account expiry date needs to be extended, the sponsor must recreate the account or the sponsor can email with the email address of the guest (ie, their wireless username) and the requested expiry date.

The connection will be logged out after eight hours of inactivity. To login again, simply connect to the BCIT_Guest network as per the instructions in the Connect to BCIT_Connect section above.

Open a browser and click the Guest WiFi button. Since the account is still active, at the Guest Login page, enter your username and password and click login.