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Connecting to the BCIT_Secure Wireless Network on macOS

These instructions are for current students, staff, and faculty. If you are a guest at BCIT, please follow the instructions in this article.

Login changes

When your usual BCIT credentials (either your login or password) change for any reason, your previous connection to BCIT_Secure will stop working. You will need to “forget” this network first, before reconnecting with your new credentials as below.

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  1. Click on the Wi-Fi symbol to show a list of available wireless networks.Web snippet of wifi symbol.
  2. Select BCIT_Secure.Web snippet of wifi networks.
  3. Enter your usual BCIT credentials and click Join.
  4. Click Continue to accept the certificate.Web snippet authenticating to network bcit_secure.
  5. Enter your laptop username and password to accept the changes.Laptop username and password login window.

Your computer will now be configured to automatically connect to the BCIT_Secure wireless network while at BCIT.